Pool Fences Sunshine Coast


We love Pool Fencing!

We do all sorts of pool fencing and we do it everyday on the Sunshine Coast, whether it is glass, timber or aluminium, we can help make sure your pool area is safe and to industry requirements.

Pool Fence Installation Sunshine Coast

Check out just some of our portfolio! We are a QBCC insured contractor with a great portfolio of experience locally operated with competitive pricing and accountable quality. We want to finish with a satisfactory result for your dream pool project. Call Today!

Pool Fence Designs with Safety in Mind

We choose from Glass, Timber or Aluminium to tailor to your budget and design.

Glass Pool Fences Sunshine Coast

Glass Pool Fences on the Sunshine Coast feature your pool as it should be. With two different types on offer, Frameless and Semi-Frameless you can’t go wrong with 100% visibility of your dream pool.

Timber Pool Fences Sunshine Coast

Let a Timber Pool Fence on the Sunshine Coast frame your Pool. While not offering the same visibility as a Glass Pool Fence, a Timber Pool Fence offers a natural aesthetic that you can’t find in a Glass or Aluminium options. Turn your pool into a Natural escape.

Aluminium Pool Fences Sunshine Coast

Aluminium Pool Fences on the Sunshine Coast can bring colour to your Pool. Aluminium Pool Fences are unique in that the panels can come in a number of differing colours and can even be combined with Timber Posts. While lacking the 100% visibility of a Glass Fence, the Aluminium Design still offers distinctive design at an affordable price.

Sunshine Coast Pool Fence Regulations

We ensure that all of our Pool Fences meet the Queensland Standards combining safety with design.